Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

Healthy Eating Habits That Will Change Your Life

Keep Track of What You Eat

Write down what you eat on paper or use a nutrition app to keep track of what you eat. Many studies have shown that keeping track of your food is beneficial for weight loss. Nutrition appswill track your diet, calories and goals; helping you stay on track and avoid overeating.

Don’t Eat Foods That You Don’t Enjoy

Just because it’s on the table doesn’t mean that you have to eat it. Don’t waste calories on foods that you don’t truly enjoy eating. If you’re still hungry, go for a second serving of something you like, rather than wasting calories on something you’re not completely satisfied with.

Prep Your Meals Ahead of Time

Prep your meals the night before to ensure that you are eating the essential nutrients that your body needs throughout the day. Taking the extra time to do this will help to avoid skipping meals, unhealthy snacking and prevent you from having to go to the store during the day to scramble up something to eat.

Always Eat Breakfast

Yes, breakfast is really the most important meal of the day. Studies have shown that people who eat breakfast every morning tend to have better diets overall than those who do not. It helps boost your metabolism, increases your energy for the day, improves concentration and helps with weight loss.

Always Carry a Protein Bar for Emergencies


When you’re feeling sluggish, eat a protein bar. Protein is essential to consume in order to maintain energy and keep the body going. It is used to help develop and maintain almost every part of the body. It makes hormones and enzymes, while also helping keep your muscles, bones, blood, and hair and nails healthy. Tip: Try Premier Protein Bars; they contain 30g of protein, no artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, and come in a variety of flavors.

Don’t Eliminate Healthy Fats

Contrary to what many people believe, fat is not the enemy. Adding healthy fats to your diet has shown to have numerous health benefits. Fatty fish, whole eggs, avocado, dark chocolate, ground flaxseed and raw unsalted nuts, are a few examples of foods that contain a healthy fats.

Practice Portion Control


It’s imperative to get the right amount of servings, and follow standardized recipes exactly so you know the amount of calories you are consuming. Some portion control tricksinclude measuring and weighing your food, using simple substitutions and using portion control plates.

Make Sure You’re Adding Fiber to Your Diet


Fiber is extremely important for the body’s overall health. It plays a crucial role in the health of our digestive system. Research has shown that consuming fiber may help control blood sugar, reduce the risk for stroke, enhance weight loss among obese people, and may lessen the risk for gallstones and kidney stones. Some of the best fiber-filled superfoodsinclude broccoli, lentils, raspberries, flaxseeds and apples.

Drink Water Before You Eat

It is common that we may mistake thirst for hunger. Before you eat drink some water and see if that satisfies you. Also, water tends to fill you up, so if you’re looking for a way to consume less food, drink water before meal time and you will eat less.


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